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A Common Approach to Managing Teams & Projects

Established vendors have been delivering project and team management solutions to the market for decades.  However, every day, it seems like project management teams are moving their data, processes, and applications away from these established solutions and into lightweight collaborative technologies.  Why is this happening?

It’s happening because the same challenges remain. Projects are still late and over budget, and there is little – if any – visibility into project resources, and where they are currently allocated within the organization.  In fact, project management practices within many companies are no more mature than they were 20 years ago.

This is why innovative companies are looking to lightweight and flexible software solutions that allow them to manage projects in a simple, lean, and consistent way. Collaborative platforms like SharePoint and CorasWorks allow teams to kick off projects within custom designed project and team sites that allow teams to immediately focus on accomplishing project tasks – without all the  unnecessary administrivia and overhead.

But of course, this general type of capability sounds quite a bit like what the established project management vendors have been telling you they can provide as well. Therefore, what is the difference between these “heavier” solutions, and the type of lightweight collaborative solutions provided with CorasWorks and SharePoint?

It’s simple: Lightweight collaborative solutions allow for an entire team to be on the same page all of the time. Self-directed teams working under a framework developed to establish and encourage collaboration – and the resulting transparency – ensures that everyone is meeting their goals, identifying risks, and sharing information in a way that has never been possible before.

In future blog articles, I will address the types of structured and unstructured information that makes it possible for teams to not only manage themselves, but also allow the management team to have a solid picture of project status and resource utilization project-wide. In addition, I’ll discuss how the comprehensive tools within our PPM solution can allow management to quickly focus on specific areas where the management team can provide assistance.

Until the next blog post!